Who we are

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Once upon a time.... Stephanie and Alex had a dilemma. One loved Justin Bieber, the other lived for industrial German Techno, so when it came to picking the music for their big day, nothing seemed to be working for them.

Meanwhile, for Alice and David, their problem became apparent as their guests mingled after the ceremony. The location was stunning and every last detail was exactly as planned, well almost. It was all just a little bit, well, quiet...

They're familiar stories for us at Pictogramme but having saved the day at the eleventh hour, providing the perfect soundtrack for host of our friends' weddings and events, we thought that a few other people we didn't know yet might appreciate a helping hand too.

Over the years we've soundtracked London Fashion Week shows, hot global brands, iconic venues and 5 star luxury resorts, so we know a thing or two about picking the right music for the right moment. You can see a little for yourself over on our Instagram page.

From the perfect morning soundtrack for your guests arrival to the records that will spark the ultimate late night party we can be with you every step of the way, creating a soundtrack that is truly bespoke and unique to you.